Welcome to ISPGroup!

The Image and Signal Processing Group of UCLouvain, ICTEAM, Belgium, whose members are listed here, is active in many theories, models, techniques, codes, datasets, and codecs related to signal and image processing in a broad sense.

For instance, the ISPGroup researchers work on signal acquisition, compression and streaming; machine and deep learning for computer vision; (multiple) object tracking; content-based data retrieval; biomedical signal and medical image processing; compressed sensing and inverse problem solving, compputational imaging; hyperspectral imaging; tomographic methods; sparse signal representation; data restoration, … and many other topics described in some of these posts, these publications, and in this visual—and clickable—word cloud:

Dec 23, 2023

New postdoc position opened in the research group of Prof. Laurent Jacques to work on the QuadSense project, a new project funded by the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research - FNRS.

More information (application procedure, project topic, …) → check here

Feb 10, 2023

Olivier Leblanc got the best contribution award at the Biomedical and Astronomical Signal Processing conference (BASP'23) for his work entitled “Interferometric Lensless Imaging – Rank-one Projections of Image Frequencies with Speckle Illuminations.”

Oct 23, 2022

Best Presentation Award at AI4Space workshop in ECCV 2022, by A. Legrand, R. Detry, C. De Vleeschouwer, “End-to-end Neural Estimation of Spacecraft Pose with Intermediate Detection of Keypoints”, AI4Space workshop, ECCV 2022.

May 25, 2022

Dr Vincent Schellekens receives the ICTEAM Best Thesis Award for his thesis entitled “Extending the Compressive Statistical Learning Framework: Quantization, Privacy, and Beyond”. Congratulations Vincent!!